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I have used Paul Smith for several years. He is pet friendly, and he does not just do a job, he cares about the customer. When he is coming I leave dog treats for him. That way he can get my 4 cockers to do or go where ever he wants them to, to ease the job. - Walt P.

We experienced prompt and courteous service. Also a clear explanation of how our mouse problem could be solved. - Zimmerman

I recently had the misfortune of listening to annoying scratching, running noises in my ceiling. I contacted the first pest control firm – XXXXX, that my condominium association recommended me. This was a mistake since they never showed up, and it took like a week to get an appointment to visit my apartment. It was until I called Paul from Advanced Wildlife Removal that I got a real help. At that time we had no idea what was in the house. Paul figured out that the problem was caused by mice. He set the traps, located their entrance and scheduled the next visits in less than half an hour. In the next visit, he caught the offenders but kept coming back for three weeks to ensure they were gone. He even fixed the holes, and entrance sites. After he left, I was very confident that they wouldn't be a problem any more.

I wanted to write you because I was very impressed with their customer service. In this day and age customer service seems to be a thing of the past. It is nice to know that we can still find a few caring businesses. We intend to tell all our friends, neighbors and family about our experience with Advance Wildlife Removal and specially its manager Paul Smith. - Anonymous

Our yard became infested with moles. It was the first time we ever experienced a mole attack. I tried to get rid of them myself by going to Southern States and using the products they sell, and I failed. I concluded the poison I bought at SS was not the problem, it was me not knowing what I was doing. I went on the web and found Advanced Wildlife Removal (AWR) through the Home Advisor site. Mr. Paul Smith from AWR came to visit and he solved the problem. He gave us a reasonable cost estimate, inspected the entire yard, placed the bait traps and got 3 moles. He returned about a week later, re-inspected and planted another bait trap. Final score: AWR 4, moles 0, and within the original cost estimate. It has been about a month since Mr. Smith's last visit and there has been no further sign of the things. I recommend AWR with no hesitation. - Tom

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